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Don’t forget about these helpful blog posts

With the Fall 2016 application just one week away, I wanted to remind everyone of a few blog posts that will help as you finish your applications of admission to SIPA.

For those missing exam scores, “What’s with the GRE/GMAT and TOEFL/IELTS?” offers some great insight into how to self-report them. (Just keep in mind you’ll need to also upload a copy of your TOEFL/IELTS score report, which is a new requirement this year for our international applicants.) As for the official test scores: we only need the official records once you’re admitted to SIPA.

Also keep in mind that all three recommendation letters must be submitted by the application deadline. It’s OK if you submit your application before these are received, but follow-up with your recommenders and remind them of the pending due date. PA Adriana Popa and I share some great advice in “3 things every recommender should know” and “4 Tips for Letters of Recommendation.”

I also write about some insights into the MIA/MPA essay questions in “​How NOT to write your personal statement,” “How to answer the Fall 2016 short essay,” and last year’s “6 Quick-and-Dirty Tips For An Outstanding Admissions Essay.”

​If you’re stuck on how to format your quantitative and language resume, browse current student Yiting Xu’s “A Quantitative/Language Resume Breakdown,” which outlines the process thoroughly.

Regarding your missing college transcripts, we only need your unofficial records for admission. You can scan these (back and front, with grading scale) and upload them into your application, or upload a copy of your academic records from your university’s student portal. (Both self-uploaded versions are unofficial records, and are acceptable for admission purposes.)

And as an international applicant, this October 2015 blog post, “What I wish I knew as an international applicant” offers a few first-hand reflections on the application process.

If you need more help, review “Eloy’s Top 12 Application Questions,” which was our No. 1 blog post in 2015.

Thanks to our hardworking team, the Admissions Blog is full of helpful hints like these, so I encourage you to spend some time this weekend exploring the blog further. You can also take a closer look at all of your missing materials on your Status Page. Then, read this blog post that outlines the nuances with the Status Page, which can be tricky.

If you have any additional questions about the application process, please do not hesitate to contact us at or 212-854-6216.

And don’t forget: the Fall 2016 application deadline is February 5, 2016. You may find out more about the admissions timeline here.

Good luck on your applications! Finish your applications here.

P.S. Confused by today’s meme? This should help.

A follow-up note to recent applicant emails

On Tuesday, the Fall 2016 fellowship application came and went. Read More →

A Note to Admitted Students

To everyone who’s had a difficult time reaching the Admissions Office, I want to personally apologize for our delay in responding to you. Since releasing admission decisions in March, we’ve received an overwhelming number of visitors, phone calls, voicemails and emails. We’re working on responding to everyone’s concerns in a timely manner, and I hope you’re able to wait it out just a little bit longer.

In the meantime, I wanted to recap some important blog posts you may have missed in recent weeks. As a newly-admitted student, I think you’ll find this information useful. Please review the links below for answers to many of your questions about submitting official transcripts, tracking your GRE scores, scholarship announcements, and more.

What to do now that decisions are live

About the application status page

Additionally, I thought you might like to read about what some of our current students have been up to this semester:

Learning public policy from the stars

A view from the class: Isabella Gristani V., MPA ’15

A view from the class: Kevin Kravitz, MIA ’16 & Tsechu Dolma, MPA ’15

Selim Sazak, MIA ’15, writes on nuclear nonproliferation

Matthew Graham, MIA ’15, writes guest post for


I look forward to meeting many of you tomorrow, April 7, at Admitted Students’ Day 2015 (details here). And if you haven’t already, I encourage you respond to your offer of admission to SIPA today!

If you have any questions as a newly-admitted student, please email us Prospective students may email us at

About the application status page

Our inbox count as of January 7, 2014

Our inbox count as of January 7, 2014

As you can see in the screenshot above, there have been a lot of emails coming our way this week. (Please be patient with us; we’re answering them as fast as we can.) During this process, we’ve noticed that many of you are concerned about the status of your missing materials. To help alleviate some of those concerns, we’re answering some common questions right here.

But first, if you’ve submitted your application by the fellowship deadline, you shouldn’t worry. We’ve received it and your uploaded materials. It’s just taking us some time to process the applications and match up your uploaded records to your snail-mail papers and previously emailed materials. Sadly, there’s no magical solution to this. Our admissions staff actually have to review each application by hand, so it’s taking us a while to match up transcripts, recommendation letters and test scores.

To verify we’ve received your materials, please make sure you regularly check your status page. (You may check your status by logging in to your application here.) It’s your responsibility to ensure we’ve received your materials. While checking your status page, you may have noticed a few Xs on the page. We’ll explain what they mean below.

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the “INCOMPLETE” email mystery

If you submitted your application for the January 5th  (January 20th for MPA-DP) deadline, but sent pieces of your application by snail mail or by email, and your application status still states “incomplete”; rest assured if all pieces of your application were either submitted electronically or postmarked by the fellowship consideration deadline you will still be eligible for funding consideration.

If you have received an email notification stating that items may have not been received and your file is not complete.  Please do not panic!  This message is system generated so we request that you review your online SIPA application and drop us a quick email ( if you believe you received this message in error (please put your name and the word “incomplete” in the subject line).   In many cases, your submitted materials are in our possession but still need to be processed and it will just be a matter of time for your record to be updated.   In other situations, your materials did not reach our office so   monitoring your application status is always a wise thing to do.  We will work with you to resolve these issues but we do request your patience.

Looking forward to processing your applications!

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